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Landscape Lighting

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Boise Landscape Lighting

Professionally positioned landscape lighting can bring your landscaping to the next level and add elegance to your home’s curb appeal. Imagine turning the corner at night and seeing your home aglow in stunning outdoor lighting. Let All Pro Lawn Service make that a reality with our professional and affordable outdoor lighting solutions.


All outdoor lighting is installed by the highly-trained staff at All Pro Lawn Service. Our lighting experts have years of experience with a variety of landscape and outdoor lighting solutions and will ensure that your new lighting is safe and properly positioned. We only used the best brands of fixtures and equipment to ensure the highest quality lighting. Additionally, our lights are energy-efficient to save you money and help create a more sustainable world.


Our team of experienced designers will create a warm and inviting lighting plan for your property that is sure to wow your guests. First, we will meet with you to understand why outdoor lighting is important for your home and family. Then, we will work with your to create a custom lighting solution that will meet your landscape goals and brighten up any outdoor space.


We know that sometimes things can happen that may damage your lights or cause them to not function properly. Maybe they were run over by a lawn mower or hit with a baseball. No matter the cause, All Pro Lawn Service is here to help with a variety of mechanical and technical issues. Our friendly staff is just a phone call away to diagnose and repair any issues you may face with your outdoor and landscape lighting.

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