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Top 3 Reasons to Mulch your Lawn

Top 3 Reasons to Mulch your Lawn

There are many reasons to mulch your lawn.  We will give you the 3 most important reasons that you should be mulching your lawn.

1-     Release nitrogen and other nutrients to your lawn–   Mulching your lawn involves cutting and re-cutting your grass again in to tiny pieces.  Since grass is 85% water it decomposes very quickly and releases nutrients back into your soil…where it belongs.

2-     Decreases the development of fungal diseases-   The thin layer of grass clippings that is distributed throughout the lawn when mulching encourages microbial activity, which decreases the development of fungal diseases.

3-     Eliminates Yard Waste-   Clippings that are mulched decompose quickly because they are spread throughout your lawn in a thin layer.  There is no need to fill up local landfills with grass clippings because you can eliminate this waste by mulching.

All Pro Lawn Service has the ability to mulch through our commercial grade mulching kits with a nice clean cut.  Our customers cannot tell the difference if there lawn is mulched or bagged!  Mulching is a great addition to our fertilization program to give your lawn that lush green look.