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Sprinkler Start-up

Sprinkler Start-up

17 Sprinkler Turn-on Special
*for a limited time

$49.99 for the first 8 zones,
$5 for each additional zone.

The best way to have a lush green lawn is to have a properly functioning sprinkler system.  All Pro Lawn Service will give your lawn a great start to the season by making sure every part of your sprinkler system is functioning correctly.  Our sprinkler turn-on service includes:

  • Turning on water for any type of sprinkler system.  City, pressurized irrigation or well.
  • Cleaning the main filter of pressurized irrigation systems.
  • Checking for proper coverage.
  • Make necessary adjustments to individual sprinkler heads.
  • Check all valves, backflows and other sprinkler components for leaks.
  • Set your timer box for the spring.

We will flag any repairs during the turn on that need to be made.  Our trained professionals will be able to quickly make any repairs that you approve.  And of course all of our work is backed up with our 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.

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We handle all sprinkler repairs big and small.  Everything from sprinkler head repair to replacing your blackflow device and main and drain replacements.  We use top of the line commercial parts and we charge you the same price for these parts as if you were to go into a Home Depot and buy them yourself.  We don’t gouge you with mark ups!  We are an honest sprinkler repair company and we will always find the best solution for you.  All of our sprinkler work is backed by our money back guarantee.

We go beyond just repair and maintenance.  We also do full sprinkler installs.  Or did you just add on to your back patio?  We will put a plan together to reroute your sprinkler lines to fit your new addition.

A few of the keys to having a great lawn is a fine tuned irrigation system, properly feeding your lawn, cutting your lawn at the correct height and frequency, and aerating your lawn to help it breath and absorb nutrients.  In our opinion, a fine tuned irrigation is most important.  Each sprinkler head must be set to properly water the lawn without missing areas and without wasting water by spraying the driveway, sidewalk, etc.  It is also important that the time for each zone is properly set.  This will depend on the type of soil that you have, if the lawn is shaded, the type of sprinkler head, and if the ground is sloped or not.  We can assist you in figuring this all out!